Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd. ranks the 3rd of Apac’s best-selling managers reshuffle in 2019

Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd.(“Fullgoal Fund”) [1] ranks the 3rd of Top 10 best-selling asset managers by net inflows in 2019. The list is based on assets sourced from clients based in Asia Pacific by Broadridge.


According to the ranking, Fullgoal Fund is the only Chinese asset manager in the top 3.  It is worth noting that only four of the top 10 best-selling stops were taken by Chinese managers, while in 2018, nine of the 10 best-selling firms were Chinese firms.




[1] Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd.(“Fullgoal Fund”), based in Shanghai, was established in 1999. Fullgoal Asset Management (HK) Limited (“Fullgoal Asset Management”) based in Hong Kong, was established in 2012 to provide global access to Fullgoal Fund’s Chinese investment offerings. Fullgoal Asset Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fullgoal Fund.