Dangerously sharp lines and angles at Life Plaza in Hangzhou´s New CBD.


Expertise in China


Deeper Understanding

Investment managers at Fullgoal average over a decade of on-the-ground Chinese market experience. This local footprint and demonstrated experience benefits Fullgoal’s clients by commanding a deeper understanding of how China’s unique markets will react to political, economic, and social changes. In comparison to Western firms investing in China, these insights allow Fullgoal fund managers to intuitively interpret how different market forces, pressures, and culture should influence market pricing and risk. Through these advantages, Fullgoal produces the potential to outperform.

Powerful Investment Strategies

Throughout its history in China, Fullgoal has received praise for its expertise and experience across a range of innovative investment opportunities. Spanning asset classes and investment styles, these diversified growth strategies address a variety of investor needs, preferences, and objectives, delivering measured results to Fullgoal’s clients. Fullgoal’s methods and long-term performance record have been recognized by Morningstar, Golden Bull, Asian Investor, and Star Fund through numerous awards and accolades on both the organizational and fund level.

Investment Analysis


We incorporate critical analysis, unique insight, and rigorous risk management procedures into the full range of investment styles at Fullgoal, resulting in better investment products oriented toward long-term performance and gains.