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Case Study: The Fullgoal Tianli Bond Fund


Fullgoal Tianli Growth Bond Fund is a fixed income mutual fund managed by Fullgoal Fund Management Company Limited. The Tianli Bond Fund was launched in December 2003. The Fund mainly invests in bonds with high credit ratings.

The Fullgoal Tianli Bond Fund showcases the power of Fullgoal’s investment research team, outperforming the China Bond Aggregate Index significantly since inception.

Many of Fullgoal’s funds in China have consistently outperformed their benchmarks over the years, winning numerous accolades in the process through Morningstar, Golden Bull, and Asian Investor in the process. Fullgoal Asset Management (HK) Limited seeks to expand the reach of these successful funds to investors worldwide.

The China Bond Aggregate Index is composed of government bonds, PBOC notes, and policy bank bonds. It is constructed to reflect the overall interest bond price tendency and is one of the most widely used composite indices in the market.

1Calculation of annualized volatility excludes data of launch month (Dec 2003)

2Calculation of Sharpe ratio excludes volatility data from launch month (Dec 2003) and uses 1-year RMB fixed deposit rate on 28 August, 2015 from Wind Information, which is 1.75%.